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Art has never been absent from any significant moments.

Artists play an important role in humanity. Not only are we able to see the accumulation of history from the artists' creation, but also feel the humanistic care and emotional commonality from it. The audience can feel the inspiration of aesthetics and philosophy from the artworks, and the artworks also arouse people's sense of social responsibility and pursuit for a better life.

In recent years, some events with far-reaching impact have occurred around the world, such as the SARS virus that swept the world in 2003, the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the Fukushima and Christchurch earthquakes in 2011, and especially the current COVID-19 since 2020, leading to great trauma throughout the world. Therefore, we hope to encourage artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds to create profound works of art to inspire the wider public to overcome current difficulties and fulfill their lives.

5 sep 2021-4 sep 2022


Artists and their artworks


Renyu Chen

Renyu Chen, born in Jingmen, Hubei in 1943, graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Hubei University of Arts in 1965, majoring in oil painting. He also completed the Mural Painting Class of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1984. He is a national fisrt-level artist of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts. Additionally, he is a member of the Mural Art Committee of the Chinese Artists Association, the Chinese Mural Society, the Cultural Development Promotion Association of the Ministry of Culture of China, and the Director of the Art Committee of the New Zealand China Union of Culture and Art.


Chinese civilization being passed down from generation to generation     

 Wood board, Chinese rice paper, pen and ink, acrylic, oil painting    

200 x 165cm   2019

Flying in the windy sky

Oil on canvas 

160 x 140cm    2021.


 A picture of Qu Zi's Ci Fu    

High temperature glazed pottery plate mural   244 x 122 cm 1984


Concerto of the New Century

(Collection of Humei Provincial Art Museum)    

 Mural ginkgo wood carving    

200 x 160 cm  1985


Keren He

Keren He studied at the Printmaking Department of Zhejiang Academy of Art in 1985 (now the China Academy of Art). He studied Science and Engineering at Queen's University in New York in 1999. In April 2013, his personal Art Academic Seminar was held at the Chinese Academy of Art. Later this year, he participated in the He Mei Tibetan Painting Exhibition organized by the Ministry of Culture of China, with two oil paintings winning the Excellent Works Award. In February 2014, sponsored by the Artists Foundation of the New York State Government, he participated in a solo exhibition hosted by the foundation. In September 2014, he also participated in the Fifth Artistic Style and Development Exhibition hosted by Chan Liu Art Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, with two New York landscape oil paintings being collected. Additionally, in 2015, he participated in the New York International Art Fair exhibition in the United States and the artworks exhibition of the Grand Palais in Paris, France. In 2016, he participated in the Beijing International Art Fair exhibition and Shanghai International Art Fair special exhibition. Furthermore, his oil painting Warren Buffett was shown on the LED screen in Times Square, Manhattan, USA from 28th December, 2016 to 4th January, 2017. In December 2019, he also participated in the annual MIAMI BEACH ART FAIR "Basel art Beach" exhibition in Miami, the most important exhibition of Aqua Art Miami.



Oil on canvas     

183x183cm 2020


Oil on canvas     

183x183cm 2021



Oil on canvas     

183x183cm 2021


​Shiqing Li

Shiqing Li, from Dalian, China, graduated from the College of Fine Arts of Liaoning Normal University. He has been engaged in art education for many years, pursuing the integration of music elements into painting. He believes that the most important quality for an artist lies in the personality. Life is full of beauty and only those that collide with one's own soul are the best themes for creation and that will help form his own artistic style.


Trees in the wilderness   

Oil on canvas   


Railway Station of Dalian 

  Oil on canvas  



 The vast sea

Oil on canvas 



Zheng Xiong

Zheng Xiong, born in the countryside of North Guizhou province, studied in Guizhou Technology College. His artworks often express the current life of people in society from a powerful perspective and responsibility, and present an expressive reproduction of the chronic situation of the society in the process of modernization.


Thinking about being alive     

  Oil on canvas

100x120cm 2020

 Progress of  hierarchy

Oil on canvas

80x100cm  2018


Yanhua Ji

Yanhua Ji graduated from Hebei University in 1982 and loves oil painting. She has been instructed by several famous artists and participated in the advanced training class of oil painting organized by the St. Petersburg Artists Association of Russia. She studied from the famous Russian landscape oil painting master Mr. Lukash Anandoli. She has successfully held a solo oil painting exhibition in Baoding Hebei China, and many of her artworks have been collected by collectors at home and abroad. She currently lives in New Zealand.


Mount Cook

Oil on canvas



Oil on canvas




Oil on canvas



Ernestina Zhu 

Ernestina Zhu, an independent artist, studied Digital Media Art at Communication University of China and New York Institute of Technology. She is currently having her postgraduate study majoring in Digital Sociology at University of Edinburgh. She was the 2018 ICUC Global Media Citizenship Representative of International Media Education College of Communication University of China. She has involved in various art events in the world, such as participating in the AIESEC Global Village art fair in Bratislava, Slovakia and St. Petersburg, Russia in 2018 and 2019. Additionally, she has been promoting some important sustainability development goals set by the United Nations through arts. She continuously works on exploring artists’ sense of belonging and women’s self-identity in the society.

地球-1 朱欣怡Ernestina Zhu 综合材料-50__edited.jpg

The Earth    

Composite material   

 50cm   2021

The work uses comprehensive materials, gravel and sand mixed with acrylic paint, and uses the most simple and natural raw materials to give feedback to nature, the work hopes to remind people of their cherishment of life and the earth. The most imagery expression and the abstract concepts establish a rich connotation of environmental protection and sustainable development. It aims to return to the primitive and the original birth of women, not the birth of patriarchal industrial tools under capitalism and the movement, labor, and even the whole life produced by patriarchy.

The World    

Acrylic on Canvas   

30cm   2021

The work is based on abstraction. Although the traditional technique is used to create acrylic paints, the thick and heavy colors of acrylic form an overall chaos but also have an internal logical reorganization, that is, the idea of ​​absolute freedom proposed by Sartre's existentialism, the freedom and chaos of the world, and the contradiction between the existence of women in social life and their self-identity. The work hopes to combine modern art expression techniques with philosophy, and interdisciplinary methods to study experimental painting.

世间-2 朱欣怡Ernestina Zhu 布面丙烯-30__edited.jpg
Sissi Wu.JPG

Sissi Wu

Sissi Wu is an artist from Shanghai, China. She has participated in lots of national and international art exhibitions. She has been actively working and volunteering with different organizations. In 2018, her oil painting RABBIT RUYI was permanently collected in the COPELOUZOS FAMILY ART MUSEUM in Greece, and included in the 35*35cm artworks album published by the museum. Her artwork was published in the Australian album PICTORIA: the best contemporary illustration worldwide. Moreover, her artwork CHILDHOOD was nominated for the finals of the 2020 annual Japan copic competition, and it is currently on a touring exhibition in Japan.




Hao Wang

Hao Wang is the Executive Curator and Art Director of Nanjing Gensi Art Museum. He is a member of the Chinese Landscape Painting Art Committee of Jiangsu Artists Association, executive member of Jiangsu Youth Artists Association, Vice President of Jiangsu Zixin Painting and Calligraphy Academy, member of  Calligraphy Artists Association of Jiangsu Province, Director of Nanjing Branch of Central Academy of Painting of China Democratic League, creative committee member of Dunhuang Art Research Center of China, Visiting Professor of Nanjing Academy of Visual Arts, and executive member of Flower and Bird Painting Research Association of Nanjing Artists Association


Ru Meng Ling ·  Dark fragrance and brightness      


Ru Meng Ling ·  Dark fragrance and brightness      



Ru Meng Ling ·  Dark fragrance and brightness      



Yun Yang

Yun Yang, senior artist, is a member of the Chinese Artists Association, Sichuan Artists Association, Sichuan Artists Association Art Creation and Research Institute, and Vice President of the Figure Painting Special Committee of Art Committee of Chinese Painting Art in Sichuan Province. He is also a member of the American Academy of Asian Art and the Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of Nanchong Artists Association. Many of his artworks were selected to be exhibited national art exhibition sponsored by the China Artists Association, such as Son of the People, Tibetan Customs, Post-Buddhist, etc. Additionally, many of his artworks were also collected by national art galleries, such as Heroes on the Way (2014) and Spring of Ruo Er Gai (2015) in Sichuan Gallery. He has published Chinese Artists Foreign Art Exchange Series 11th and Yang Yun Collection of Tibetan Characters, etc. Furthermore, some of his artworks were invited to be exhibited in international art exhibitions, such as "Gao Shi Tu" winning the third Australian International Ink Painting Masters Award in Melbourne. In 2014, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and several other famous universities in the USA invited Mr. Yun Yang to conduct meet-ups for lectures and art exchanges.      

雪域苍生系列之六   68cm×140cm   2015年.jpg

People on the snow Mountain - 6  

68 x 140 cm  2015

A religious gathering at Xia He  

180 x 97cm   2015

夏河法会记事   180cm×97cm    2015年.jpg
霁雪    68cm×68cm   2015年.jpg

Clearing up after snowing  

68 x 68     2015


Guochun Wang

Guochun Wang, a member of the Sichuan Artists Association, graduated from the Chinese Characters Training Class of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. His work Lotus Rhyme was exhibited in the Contemporary Chinese Fine Brushwork Exhibition, his Autumn Beauty was selected for the 2013 Sichuan Provincial Master Art Works Exhibition and Green Apple was selected to be exhibited in Danqing Nanchong 2014 · Sichuan Provincial Master Art Works Exhibition.


Harvest fruit

138 x 138cm

The same sky

124 x 108cm


Autumn beauty

180 x 97cm