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Art has never been absent from any significant moments.

This online exhibition aims to encourage artists of different ages and from a variety of cultural backgrounds to create profound works of art to inspire the wider public to overcome current difficulties and fulfill their lives. These artists share a common concept of making the world better through art. Let's galvanise a collective will to make a change for a better future.

Artworks for the online exhibition are updated continuously. 

5 sep 2021 - 4 sep 2022


The Arts Centre of Christchurch

A centre for the arts in  Ōtautahi Christchurch 


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Artists and their artworks


Bangzhen Deng

Bangzhen Deng was born in Hunan China in 1941. He studied at the Department of Oil Painting of the Central Academy of Fine Arts from 1961 to 1966, during which he created the oil painting ‘Farewell to Mum’ that was selected to participate in the 3rd National Fine Arts Exhibition in China. Bangzhen Deng is a member of the China Artists Association, was the Director of the Department of Oil Painting and Print Creation and Research of Artistic College of Henan Province, and the Vice President of Oil Painting Association of Henan Province.

《泰德和他的孙女》油画  81cmx81cm,2005年.jpeg
《泰德和他的孙女》油画 81cmx81cm,2005年《路易.艾黎、乔治.何克和山丹的人们》画125cmx154cm,2017年(新西兰人路易.艾黎,英国人乔治.何克在甘肃山丹组织

Rewi Alley, George Hawk and people of Shandan

Oil on canvas

125x154cm      2017  

Tad and his granddaughter

Oil on canvas

81x81cm    2005

Rewi Alley from New Zealand and George Hawk from the UK organized industrial cooperatives and operated Bailie School in Shandan Gansu China.

The Gathering Festival

Oil on canvas

125x154cm    2010

Reminiscing Jialei Wang’s friends


Bo Lu

Bo Lu was born in Yan’an Shanxi China in 1942, graduated from the Department of Sculpture of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1966, a member of the Chinese Artists Association and the Chinese Sculpture Institute. He used to work at the Museum of Henan Province and Hebei Normal University. Bo Lu works at the Sculpture, Calligraphy and Painting Institute of Henan Province and used to be the Vice President of the Institute. In 1991, Bo Lu visited New Zealand and had public exhibitions with artist Bangzhen Deng in Auckland and nine other cities in New Zealand. 


Mid-Autumn Night

Acrylic Painting

56x72cm     October 2020

In the time of being alone, with wine and moon cake, listening to the beautiful fading music of cello, and watching Van Gogh’s Stary Night outside, presents a midnight full of missing.

《奥克兰之晨》炳烯66cmx81cm2021年1月1日_ 这是一个充满希望的早晨。_.jpeg

A Morning of Auckland

Acrylic Painting

66x81cm     1st January 2021

            This is a morning full of hope.


Bin Gui

Bin Gui is a Chinese artist who lives in the Netherlands, Master of Art, graduated from the College of Fine Arts of Henan University, a member of the French ASFEA Art Association, the Director of GUIBIN Gallery in the Netherlands, a permanent member of Hongkong Poets Alliance, visiting scholar of Royal College of Art in the UK, KUART Annual Artist of 2020, and a member of Overseas Chinese Artists in New York the USA. 

《2021-2-4》  宣纸泼彩   100_200cm   2021年.jpg


Ink splashes on rice paper

100x200cm   2021

《2021-2-1》  宣纸泼彩   100_200cm   2021年.jpg


Ink splashes on rice paper  

100x200cm   2021

In 2020 and 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic has spread the whole world, leading to tremendous disasters and depressions. I am trying to apply Chinese traditional paper and ink and the European and American contemporary artistic framework, as well as conceptions of contemporary poetry, to explore my own way of art creation, attempting to express my understanding and the sense of awe of the cosmic phenomena in the years of the epidemic. Meanwhile, I am also in the exploration of the integration of Chinese and Western styles, hoping to occasionally come up with the natural method of art creation.


Xiaoming Tang

Xiaoming Tang, from Dandong, Liaoning, China, graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Vice President of New Zealand Chinese Artists Association and New Zealand China Calligraphy and Painting Academy, and a member of New Zealand China Painting Academy. In 1979, the oil painting Cleaner was awarded the First prize of Youth Art Exhibition of Liaoning Province China. In 2007, the oil painting Italian Street, Munish Farmhouse were collected and published in Chinese Oil Painting. 




Warm wind


作品名称  暖风75x75cm.jpg
李菲 照片.jpg

​Fei Li

Vicky Li, Vice President of the Artistic Committee and Deputy Secretary-General of Southeast Asia Branch of the European and American Alumni Association, board member and Deputy Secretary-General of the Overseas Chinese Artists Association, board member of East City Artists Association of Beijing, board member of Overseas Chinese Women Artists Association, and committee member of Calligraphy and Painting Art Academy of Beijing. Vicky graduated from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and Curtin University of Australia and was awarded the Young Achievers. 


Rose garden 

Chinese painting



Joyful faces 

Oil on canvas



Early Spring

Chinese painting




Oil on canvas



​Cheng Zhang

Cheng Zhang is a Chinese contemporary artist and designer, Tian’e Award Winner of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Gold Award for Chinese Zodiac Porcelain Ceremony Design, member of China Arts and Crafts Society, member of Chinese Women Painters Association, member of the National Art Education Expert Committee of Universities, artist of Citizen "Hundred Cores and Hundred Craftsmen" Project, partner of the innovative design of Liling Ceramics, and the Art Director of Wu Ling Gallery of Beijing. 



40x40cm   Pastel   2021



40x40cm    Pastel   2020

Being beautiful and good-looking are two different things. Beauty can be external or internal, and good-looking can only be described as external. The real beauty is not on the face, but from the inner heart to appearance. Many women seem to be mediocre, and they become more beautiful in conversation. Some women are good-looking, and they will be found not that beautiful after chatting with them for a while. Being beautiful does not mean being good-looking but contains it, while being good-looking never represents beauty.


Cloud and fog

68x98cm   Paper   2018



68x68cm   Paper   2018

Pollution-free sunlight, air and water were originally the most common elements in our lives, but today they have become a luxury accessory for humanity. Human development and social progress are important, but they cannot be done at the expense of environmental damage. The artist intended to apply artworks to arouse people’s awareness of protecting the environment and loving their homelands.


Ye Zheng

In 2015, Ye Zheng participated in New Year of the Goat Painting and Goat Art Exhibition of Bianfeng Painting Academy, the "Impression of Beijing" Art Exhibition in Washington, the USA in 2017, the 21st Beijing Art Fair "Impression Canal" theme exhibition in 2018, Exhibitions of Beijing University of Technology for the Anniversary of the University and the establishment of the School of Art and Design, and the Road to Jiazi - Alumni and Master Series Exhibition. He is also a signed artist of Wu Ling Gallery of Beijing and participated in the "Subjective and Objective" Contemporary Art Exhibition sponsored by Citizen in 2019 and 2020. 


Love for the canal 

68x68cm   Paper   2018

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Clear mountain spring water

68x68cm   Paper   2021

Water is the origin of life. It is very meaningful for me to exhibit two works about water. One is Wuling Mountain, the upstream source of water, and the other is the downstream canal of water. The purpose is to hope that the downstream water will be as clear as the upstream water. Only in this way can it be suitable for our living and habitat, and the city is suitable for people to live in.



70x50cm   Paper   2019

Don’t move away and tear down those old buildings. This is the place where we used to live and spent our childhood. This is the starting point for today’s departure. It is a place that we always have in mind no matter how far we are from it. It is a place for the wandering souls to have a good rest when needed. We can share the good news there when we are successful in our careers.


Lihuang Guo

Lihuang Guo promotes the concepts of Life for Art and Art for Life. The series of artworks about ‘Life’ was awarded the New Artist Prize by the Ministry of Education, culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. He is a national expert of art education in the universities of China, the main artist of the exhibition projects ‘Contemporary Art Exhibition on Subjective and Objective in 2019 and 2020’ sponsored by Citizen, and a signed artist of Wu Ling Gallery of Beijing China. Lihuang Guo is good at presenting nature through dark ink. Some of his artworks are collected in many national public exhibition venues in China such as the Beijing National Stadium, etc.

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Flower of peace

68x68cm    Paper   2021

Overlooking from the top mountain  

50x50cm     Paper     2021

Respecting and following nature, pursuing development based on natural rules and regulations, is of great significance. Subjective and aimless actions and behaviors towards nature would lead to unexpected consequences. Painting and drawing can be exaggerated based on the artists’ imagination, but people from other fields must be serious enough to take action and not take everything for granted.

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38x38cm    Paper    2021

The southern half of the Hutong     38x38cm   Paper   2021

Not very much asset passed on by our ancestors but those left by them are more about the wisdom of life, including protecting our environment and our families. Due to modern city building, many old streets and hutongs have almost been damaged, which makes us very sad. We should keep those rare hutongs so that our future generations won’t blame us.


Xichao Lie

Xichao Lie Xichao Lie was born in Zengcheng, Guangdong Province, China in 1974. He studied under Qizhi Chen, vice chairman of the Zengcheng Artists Association of Guangdong Province, and Weinian Chi, a famous painting artist from the Liaoning Artists Association. He was the General Manager of Xintang Art Center, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province and the Artist Consultant of Sanyitang, Zengcheng City, Guangdong Province. In March 2021, his artwork Coming across bosom friends at mountains and flowing water won the first prize of the Art Professional Competition of the Ara Institute of Canterbury in Christchurch. 


Southern and Northern Tune

53x80cm   Chinese brush painting    2021

Northern and southern hemispheres present different cultures. The artist strives to integrate Eastern and Western cultures with ink and wash creations, so as to promote Chinese traditional culture in New Zealand.