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Art has never been absent from any significant moments.

Artists play an important role in humanity. Not only are we able to see the accumulation of history from the artists' creation, but also feel the humanistic care and emotional commonality from it. The audience can feel the inspiration of aesthetics and philosophy from the artworks, and the artworks also arouse people's sense of social responsibility and pursuit for a better life.

In recent years, some events with far-reaching impact have occurred around the world, such as the SARS virus that swept the world in 2003, the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the Fukushima and Christchurch earthquakes in 2011, and especially the current COVID-19 since 2020, leading to great trauma throughout the world. Therefore, we hope to encourage artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds to create profound works of art to inspire the wider public to overcome current difficulties and fulfill their lives.

5 sep 2021-4 sep 2022


Artists and their artworks


Yang Fan

Yang Fan was born in Hong Kong in January 1955. He used to be the Dean, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the School of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University. He is currently the Deputy Dean of the Chinese Painting Academy of the National Academy of Painting of China, concurrently the Dean of the Nanjing Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, a researcher of the Chinese Painting Academy of the Chinese Academy of Art. He is an outstanding expert of the Ministry of Culture, and enjoys a special allowance from the State Council.

On June 4, 2020, Yang Fan ranked the 50th in the 2020 Hurun Chinese Art List with a total turnover of 10.72 million yuan in the public auction market in 2019.

白玛错小朋友 48X75cm 纸本设色 2017年.jpg

Macuo Bai - a little kid
48cm x 75cm
Color on paper  2017

太平有象 36.3cm x 74cm 纸本设色 2013年.jpg

A world in peace
36.3cm x 74cm
Colour on paper 2013

昭觉县三岔河乡三河村彝族同胞 48cm x 75cm 纸本设色 2018年.jpg

Yi compatriots in Sanhe Village, Sanchahe Town, Zhaojue County
48cm x 75cm
Color on paper  2018


Jianning Shan

Calligraphy and painting artist, Member of Nanjing Artists Association;

Director of Jiangsu Provincial Civil Servants Calligraphy and Painting Association;

member of Painting and Calligraphy Academy for Jiangsu Overseas Chinese;

Vice President of Wang Xizhi Painting and Calligraphy Academy.


Chinese landscape painting 1

Chinese landscape painting 2


Chinese landscape painting 3


Zongtian Cao

Zongtian Cao, from Binzhou, Shandong, China, graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is the Secretary-General of the China Branch of the International Artists Association. He is also a member of Chinese Art Research Association and Hong Kong Chinese Calligraphers Association. On March 28, 2018, Cao Zongtian's independent art exhibition was held in Florence, Italy. In October of the same year, his Beautiful New World Independent Art Exhibition was held in Tokyo. Additionally, he participated in the Art Exhibition of China's Backbone in Vienna on October 6, 2017. In 2014, a large-scale oil painting art exhibition of Cao Fan was held at Dajia Art Museum in Jinan, Shandong. Earlier, in May 2013, a large-scale oil painting art exhibition of Cao Fan was held at the Zibo Museum in Shandong Province.

 布面油画57x87cm 冷艳.JPG

Quiet and elegant
Oil on canvas 57x87cm

The light of nature
Oil on canvas 60x90cm


Jiguang Cheng

Jiguang Cheng, from Chongqing, contemporary oil painter, is the President of Chongqing Three Gorges Oil Painting Academy. He is a member of China Artists Association, Oil Painting Art Committee of Chongqing Artists Association. He is also the Vice President of Chongqing Minjian Painting and Calligraphy Academy and former directing member of Tibet Artists Association. Additionally, he acts as a directing member of Chongqing Oil Painting Society and the Vice Chairman of Jiulongpo District Artists Association. He is the author of the oil painting series Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Collection: Jiguang Cheng's Oil Painting Art edited and published by Tianjin Yangliuqing Painting Club. Many excellent works have been collected by collectors at home and abroad.


The little Tibetan Mastiff
Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas


The morning of the Dazhao Temple
Oil on canvas

LauKing_個人照_Profile Pic.jpg

Lau King 

Lau King is an artist specialised in photography. Being an adventurous and sensitive soul, photography and visual art become the medium for Lau King to express her personal philos- ophy and aesthetics of the world. Originally from Hong Kong, King’s photographs has been recognised across the globe and have won the artist numerous international awards.

Being an adventurous and sensitive soul, photography and visual art become the medium for Lau King's expression of personal philosophy and aesthetics of the world.

Lau King tries to explore the spiritual freedom in photography by capturing the 3- dimen- sional world with infinite possibilities, from macro to micro perspectives. Through her eyes and consciousness, she transcends the ordinary world into a whole new world of beauty and freshness which keep breaking through the boundaries and definition.

Having over 10 years photography experience, Lau King has participated in both online and offline art exhibitions internationally. Her works have been cooperated and collected by worldwide collectors, art consultancy, hotel and interior designers.

Lau King's recently won the 2020 Top 10 Influential Artist Award in CADC China and also numerous international awards like the Bronze fine art photography Italian A’design award, London 6th Fine Art Photography Awards, Japan Mellow Art Award etc. She had also been invited and featured at Apple's social media Instagram, Singapore Tatler magazine, various Chinese media platforms and publications in the US. 

Pink Feather__60x45cm_HahnemühleFineArtPaper_2018.jpg

Pink Feather,60x45cm,HahnemühleFineArtPaper,2018

Orange Sea,60x45cm,HahnemühleFineArtPaper 2021

Orange Sea_60x45cm_HahnemühleFineArtPaper_2021_2021.jpg
Merlin Blue_60x45cm_HahnemühleFineArtPaper_2020.jpg

Merlin Blue,60x45cm,HahnemühleFineArtPaper,2020

ZHH Artist photo1_edited.jpg

Haihua Zhang

Since her very first visit to Christchurch in 2000, she has been inspired by the people here. She could not help falling in love with this amazing city when she decided to move from Beijing in 2017.  Christchurch has seen turbulent events in recent years, but throughout many hardships, people here have shown their bravery, honesty, and kindness. They esteem collectiveness, hospitality, and generosity, while also showing a deep care and respect for each other.  Bright, colorful vistas, and gardens resplendent with beautiful flowers and trees, fill the city’s landscape. The majesty of the sun and ocean waves bathe its fields and shores. What’s more, the genuine and endearing warmth of its people embraces and welcomes all. It is this unyielding spirit of Christchurch that has encouraged and inspired her to create the artworks.  The artworks were exhibited from May to July 2021 in FoGuangYuan Art Gallery in Christchurch.

ZHH artwork5.jpg

ZHH artwork 1 

ZHH artwork 2

ZHH artwork6.jpg
ZHH artwork3.jpg

ZHH artwork 3

ZHH artwork 4

ZHH artwork2.jpg

Qian Zhao

Qian Zhao, under the pen name Qian Daizi and Zhao Xu Qiandaizi, is a professional oil painter and poet. She is a member of Wuhan Artists Association in Hubei Province, China Contemporary Women's Painting Association and Chinese Oil Painting and Sketching Club. She is also the Associate Dean of the Oil Painting Public Welfare Institute of China Contemporary Art Alliance. Additionally, she was awarded a Silver Award in the 2019 Zhenji Cup National Famous Oil Painting Artists Invitational Exhibition - China's most popular oil painting artist.


Belon Ondo (Ang Chen)

Belon Ondo (Ang Chen), born in 1956, graduated from Oriental University of the Philippines. He used to work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines. He is a contemporary artist, antique collector, directing member of Hubei Antique Collection Research Association, and a member of Wuhan Artists Association of Hubei Province. Additionally, he learned from Mr. Zenan Fu, the founder of the Chinese Contemporary New Wild Painting School and a famous oil painting master.


Humanity and Ocean

Comprehensive Materials,

Qian Zhao, Belon Ondo, 120x80cm, 2019

The farthest distance in the World Acrylic on canvas, ,Qian Zhao



Oil on canvas,,

Qian Zhao, Belon Ondo,
60x50cm, 2020


Xuefeng Lv

Xuefeng Lv loved painting since childhood, and graduated from the Art Department of Qingdao Education College, majoring in fine arts. He is now a member of Shandong Artists Association, Qingdao Artists Association, Qingdao Oil Painting Society, and a distinguished painting artist of Qingdao Oil Painting Academy. Many of his artworks have been reported by the news media and collected by celebrities.

_323_315_273_255_327_367_306_267 70x100  _276_262_271_333.jpg

artwork 1

artwork 2

_323_315_273_255_327_367_306_267 70x100  _263_301_313_274.jpg

Mei Li

Mei Li, from Jinan, Shandong, is the Dean of Wendao Academy of Painting and Calligraphy. She studied at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and Central Academy of Arts and Crafts, and was personally instructed by famous Chinese painting artists Wang Bencheng Wang, Minhui Sun, and Renyi Li. Pursuit of excellence of art, hard work on it, and continuous painting, formed her own simple, concise, and elegant style of painting. Her plum blossoms are unique and got high reputation because of it. She has won awards in national, provincial and municipal competitions, and he has also traveled to South Korea, Singapore, and Japan for cultural and artistic exchanges. Her artworks have been collected by people from China and foreign countries.


Chinese painting

Lotus and fish
Chinese painting