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Art has never been absent from any significant moments.

This online exhibition aims to encourage artists of different ages and from a variety of cultural backgrounds to create profound works of art to inspire the wider public to overcome current difficulties and fulfill their lives. These artists share a common concept of making the world better through art. Let's galvanise a collective will to make a change for a better future.

Artworks for the online exhibition are updated continuously. 

5 sep 2021 - 4 sep 2022


The Arts Centre of Christchurch

A centre for the arts in  Ōtautahi Christchurch 


Artists and their artworks


Yinghao Wu

Yinghao Wu, also named Haotian, is from Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. He has been engaged in community culture and environmental protection for many years and now lives in Auckland, New Zealand. "I am not a graduate from a famous school, nor a disciple of a master." He said, "I am just a lover of poetry, calligraphy and painting." However, he has also received face-to-face instruction from famous calligraphers and painting artists. In addition, he is diligent in learning and often understands, so he is making progress day by day.

The paintings show Kiwi birds, southern seedlings and silver ferns, which are rare animals and plants in New Zealand. It means that there is still an otherworldly sort of place here.


Chinese painting

Chinese painting


Chinese painting


Xuri Ga

Xuri Ga, born in Ar Horqin Banner, Inner Mongolia, Mongol ethnicity, graduated from the art school of Inner Mongolia University with a Master's Degree, and currently, he is studying for a Doctoral Degree at the Mongolian National University of Culture and Art.

材料:布面油画作品名称《梦境C》 作品尺寸:140×200CM 创作时间2019年.jpg

Dreamworld C

Oil on canvas  140 × 200cm  2019

Animal Husbandry series II

Oil on canvas 80 × 80cm  2019

材料:布面油画    作品名称:《畜牧系列二》          作品尺寸:80×80cm  年代:2019.jpg

Kuanmo Liu

Kuanmo Liu, also named Nature, born in September 1957, is a professional painting artist from Jianli County, Hubei Province. Graduated from the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, he is a member of the Wuhan Artists Association, Beijing Dongcheng Artists Association, Hong Kong Artists Association, Chinese Oil Painting Sketching Club, and a member of the International Federation of Calligraphy and Painting Artists.


In 2015, his oil painting Cattle Herding was selected for the Hubei Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition - Strength and Feelings. In 2016, the oil painting Builder was selected for the 12th Wuhan Art Exhibition. In 2018, the oil painting A Corner of the Forest was selected for the national excellent sketch exhibition of the Phoenix sketch season and won the third prize in China, and it was later selected for the 2021 New International Art Exhibition in Australia. In 2017, the oil painting Fishing Song was invited by the Hong Kong Artists Association to participate in the Southeast Asia Tour Exhibition. In 2018, the oil painting Harvest was selected for the Fine Art Exhibition hosted by the Hubei Artists Association, exhibited at the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts and participated in the charity Public Welfare Fund. In November 2018, at the invitation of the Hong Kong Artists Association, the oil painting Music won the show award at the Painting and Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition of the Hong Kong Artists Association on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. In May 2020, the oil painting Seaside Rock was selected for the International Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition in Hong Kong, China. His oil painting Autumn was collected by the Hong Kong Artists Association, and the oil paintings Impression of Erhai and Lotus Rhyme were collected by collectors. Additionally, he won the title of People's Artist in November 2021.


A Road without depression

Oil on canvas 50 X 70cm


Oil on canvas 40 x 50cm 2021  

布面油画《牧羊女》尺寸40x50cm 2021.jpg
金畅 个人照片.jpg

Chang Jin

Chang Jin studies theatre, film and television art design at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. He also studies network and new media at the Communication University of China. Chang Jin is a member of the National Watercolor Painting Association, China Architecture Society, China Education Society, and a member of the China Image Graphics Society. He is also a distinguished artist and assistant researcher of China and Abroad Art Research Institute, a member of the China France Art Exchange Association, art education expert committee of China Children's Culture and Art Promotion Association, classic inheritance Committee of Chinese Yanhuang Culture Research Association, Hunan Design Artists Association, Hebei Young Artists Association, Shenzhen Illustration Association and a member of Hong Kong International Young Artists Association. Chang Jin has won design and art awards for many times.


Looking for your own margin

Rice paper and

traditional Chinese painting

45 × 65cm



The epidemic has prevented us from doing many things and made a lot separate. It is not a pity for us to lose the footprints of the past. I hope we can find ourselves and the margin of the future in it.

God knows

Rice paper and

traditional Chinese painting

45 × 65cm



God is watching everything that people are doing. There are always some clear streams, curling and running around.


Shenmin Wu

Shenmin Wu, also named Riyue (sun and moon), born in Lianshui on November 11 of the 1965 lunar calendar, is a military painting artist. He loved painting since childhood. He joined the army in 1983 and was sent to Beijing by the army for further study in 1985. He was instructed by Master Guanzhong Wu. Shenmin has been engaged in a fine art career since he transferred from the military service. He is a senior researcher and concurrently serves as the art editor in chief of Jiangsu Calligraphy and Painting Daily, creating his own traditional Chinese painting style with a combination of Chinese and Western styles, which has both the hazy rendering of Chinese painting and the three-dimensional shape of Western painting.


Purple air from the East

(indicating good luck)

Chinese painting

200 × 146cm


This work uses fruitful grapes to depict the scene of a bumper harvest in Xinjiang.

the Light of the Harvest

Chinese painting

200 × 142cm


Xuegen Gu

Xuegen Gu, born in Shanghai in 1960, is a member of the working committee of the Shanghai Artists Association for Chinese Ink Painting and the Shanghai Qingpu Artists Association. Xuegen has participated in many national art exhibitions, such as the Shanghai-style Calligrapher and Painter Classic in 2012, the Cross-Strait Contemporary Ink Painting Exchange Exhibition in 2014, the Sketch Exhibition of the Shanghai Ink Painting Association in 2017, the Contemporary China 2019 Shanghai Art Exhibition, and the Art Exhibition of Lujiazui Financial City Cup in Pudong New Area. In 2020, he held the solo exhibition Love to the Yangtze River Delta Region & Demonstration of the charm of Jiangnan (the south of the Yangtze River) with Ink. In 2021, Xuegen participated in the Yangtze River Delta Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition and Qingpu District Art Exhibition and won awards.

似云幻雪昆仑景 宣纸 尺寸:135x68cm.jpg

Kunlun Scenery - just like clouds and/or snow

Rice paper   135 x 68cm

Hills shrouded in mist and rain

Rice paper  50 x 100cm

山色空蒙雨亦奇 宣纸 尺寸:50x100cm.jpg

Guangzhong Zhou

Guangzhong Zhou studied in the first postgraduate class of Fan Yang (a tutor of Chinese painting at Peking University) studio in 2013. His landscape painting was influenced by Baoshi Fu and other new Jinling painting schools. He successively studied with Xingtang Lu, Yang Fan and other famous artists. His landscape works have been selected for the exhibitions of the China Artists Association many times. Currently, he is a member of the China Fine Brushwork Painting Society, Jiangsu Fine Arts Association, Jiangsu Calligraphy Association, Jiangsu Landscape Painting Research Association, and Jiangsu Flower and Bird Painting Research Association. He is also a painter of Jiangsu Zijin Calligraphy and Painting Academy, a directing member of Nanjing Overseas Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy, a traditional Chinese painting teacher of Nanjing Cultural Museum, the Vice Chairman of Nanjing Gulou District Art Association, a member of Gulou District CPPCC, and the Deputy Secretary-General of Gulou District CPPCC Calligraphy and Painting Association.

《飞跃》 140厘米x70厘米 2021年.jpg


Rice paper 

140 x 70cm  2021


Selected for the 2022 National Olympic Painting Exhibition

Overview of  the Yangtze River


Currently being displayed in the conference hall of Nanjing Yangtze River International Conference Center

《金陵燕子矶》  宣纸 50厘米x50厘米 2021.jpg

Yanziji in Jinling

Rice paper  50 x 50cm  2021

Siobhan O'Brien.jpg

Siobhan O'Brien

Siobhan O'Brien is an artist from Christchurch, New Zealand. She graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting in 2011 and a Master of Arts in Art History in 2016, specialising in East Asian art.


She has always been drawn to nature as a source of inspiration and particularly enjoys painting organic and floral forms. This, in combination with her interest in Asian art and philosophy serve as the basis of inspiration and subject matter for her painting practice.


​Her latest work examines the notion of 'basic goodness', a term used in Shambhala Buddhism to describe innate human wisdom and the potential to achieve enlightenment. It examines the connection and interaction between the inner and outer worlds in realising this. The silhouette of Shakyamuni, the 'earth touching' Buddha has been derived from traditional Tibetan Thangka painting and paired back to an essential or 'basic' form, symbolic of this most essential, basic state within every human being. The form floats in space and is at once detached and separate from yet connected to it. The flowers represent the 'basic goodness' or the experience of it blooming or blossoming from within and symbolically connecting the inner and outer worlds.

Basic Goodness Bouquet #1, 40cm round, oil on board, 2021.jpg

Basic Goodness Bouquet #1

40cm round

oil on board


Basic Goodness Bouquet #2

40cm round

oil on board


Basic Goodness Bouquet #2, 40cm round, oil on board, 2021.jpg
Basic Goodness Peonies #3, 40cm round, oil on board, 2021.jpg