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Eager Art School is located in Christchurch Arts Center, New Zealand. With the purpose of serving New Zealand aesthetic education, relying on Everyone An Artist Trust, and combining eastern and western education concept, the school aims to create a professional and comprehensive art education model integrating aesthetic education research, art teaching, international exhibition and exchange, and promote the art education in New Zealand.

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About Our School

Eagle art school is a professional art school established by the New Zealand Everyone An Artist Trust, East Universal Culture & Art Communication and Christchurch Arts Center.

The school is located in Christchurch Arts Center, New Zealand, adjacent to Canterbury Museum and Canterbury Art Gallery, with a strong artistic atmosphere. The School helps your art learning path with advanced school running concept, professional teaching team, standardised teaching management, premium teaching facilities, and extensive international exchanges and cooperation.

As an important supporting institution of Eagle Art School, Everyone An Artist Trust holds the International Youth Art Exhibition on World Earth Day every year. Youth works from more than 10 countries will be exhibited on the same stage with New Zealand youth works. At the same time, it will also provide a broad international art exchange platform for new Zealand youth.

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