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Art has never been absent from any significant moments.

Artists play an important role in humanity. Not only are we able to see the accumulation of history from the artists' creation, but also feel the humanistic care and emotional commonality from it. The audience can feel the inspiration of aesthetics and philosophy from the artworks, and the artworks also arouse people's sense of social responsibility and pursuit for a better life.

In recent years, some events with far-reaching impact have occurred around the world, such as the SARS virus that swept the world in 2003, the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the Fukushima and Christchurch earthquakes in 2011, and especially the current COVID-19 since 2020, leading to great trauma throughout the world. Therefore, we hope to encourage artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds to create profound works of art to inspire the wider public to overcome current difficulties and fulfill their lives.

5 sep 2021-4 sep 2022


Artists and their artworks


Huiting Chen

Huiting Chen, also named Cheng Yu, Taiwanese from Kaohsiung, now lives in Taipei. She is a national first-class calligrapher, national first-class artist of fine arts, a national first-class artist of crafts and fine arts, the founder of Suyuan (Source Tracing) Art Research Institute, founder of Entrepreneur Art Alliance, and the Secretary-General of Chinese Artists Association. She studies calligraphy and painting in the Advanced Research Class of Figures at the China Academy of Art. Cheng Yu is specialized in ink, oil painting, acrylic, mixed media materials. She learned painting from Professor Chaobao Chen, a famous artist traveling and living in France.

童趣世界 150_75cm 當代水墨.png

A childlike world    


Contemporary ink  2021

數字術語150_75 當代墨彩.png

1450  numerical terms   150x75cm

 Contemporary ink

宇宙之眼 150_75 當代水墨.png

 Eye of the Universe  


Contemporary ink

溯源畫1 150_75xm 丙烯多媒材在紙上.png

Source tracing 1  


Acrylic on Paper


Xia Jiang

In 2018, Jiang Xia won the Excellent Award of the Celebrating Harvest with Chinese Painting in the Field Creation Competition of Kecheng District, Quzhou City. She also got the Excellence Award of the 2nd Painting and Calligraphy Competition of Quzhou City. In 2021 her artwork The Song of Thorn Birds will is published in the 3rd issue of 2021 of Hebei Pictorial.


Song of the Thorn Bird 

Oil on canvas     

50x60cm 2015

Song of the Thorn Bird 

Oil on canvas     

50x60cm 2015


Shenghui Lin

Shenghui Lin, graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Jimei University, is a member of the Association of Spanish Artists of Painting and Sculpture, and a visiting professor at Xuancheng Industrial Technology Research Institute of Anhui University of Technology. His artworks have been exhibited many times at home and abroad and also privately collected.   



Oil on canvas 

50×60cm  2021 


Bin Liu

Bin Liu, also known as Wenbo, was born in 1966 and lives in Jinan Shandong, China, graduated from the Department of Industrial Art of Shandong Institute of Light Industry (now Qilu University of Technology). He learned painting from artists Rupu Liu, Yutian Wu, Tao Jin, Shaobo Tao, etc. Bin Liu is now a member of the Oil Painting Committee of Artists Association of Jinan, board member of Youth Artists Association of Calligraphy and Painting, board member of Shandong Branch of Chinese Longtan Calligraphy and Painting Academy, etc. Bin Liu is specialized in oil painting and Chinese landscape.


Chinese painting


Chinese painting


Kuanmo Liu

Kuanmo Liu, from Jianli County, Hubei Province, is a professional artist of fine arts who was born in September 1957. He graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Fine Arts. He is a student of Master Xiangsen Lu, a member of Artists Association of Wuhan, member of Artists Association of Dongcheng Beijing, member of Hong Kong Artists Association, and member of International Calligraphy and Painting Artists Association. 



90x120cm     2018


Heng Qi

Heng Qi, born in 1962, Master of Engineering in Architecture at Harbin Institute of Technology, Senior Engineer, National Grade One Registered Architect, MBA of City University of Macau. He loved drawing and painting when he was a child, so he participated in the sketching class and the creative class in the Children's Palace, which established his great interest in fine arts.


Mobile digital art        

 Visual advertising for power plants

Bank of Songhua River  

Mobile digital art


Gejun Quan

Gejun Quan, a senior engineer and legal person Of French companies FDI and Mer De La Chine. He studied at the Institut Supérieur de Mécanique de Paris at public expense. He has three national patents. His artwork album My time in France was selected into Great Beauty Chinese Art Album (ISBN 978 988 918-37 -4/8) as well as Encyclopedias of Chinese Calligraphers and painters (ISBN 978 988 75268-3-7). He was awarded the certificate of honor in the United Arab Emirates Millennium Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting, as well as the award of excellent works in the 19th International Art Exhibition in Tokyo. Gejun quan is a signed artist of Confucius Gallery. Some of his works have been collected by Anhui Museum of Dameihe County, France, Japan and other international friends. His works participated in the first, second and third joint exhibitions of foreign Chinese artists. He has also worked in or visited more than fifty countries. In 2020, he participated in exhibitions in Milan, Italy, Paris, France and New York. In 2021, the oil paintings are exhibited in the Roussel Hall of the Louvre Museum in Paris. 


Girlfriends Oil on Canvas

40cm * 50cm 2021


Yi Zhang

Yi Zhang, born in Chongqing in 1971, a member of the Chongqing Artists Association, graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in July 2007 with a Master’s Degree majoring in oil painting. He has participated in many domestic and international exhibitions and won a lot of awards. He currently lives in Chongqing China. He has had a solo exhibition Xianyu · Xianxiang (Language and image of line) - Zhang Yi Solo Exhibition at Dagang Art Museum in Tianjin, China in 2012. He also participated in The 27th Seoul International Art Exhibition in South Korea and won the best prize at the Art Museum of Yongsan Cultural Department in Seoul, South Korea in 2020. In 2019, he participated in the China (Ji’nan) International Abstract Art Exhibition at the Art Museum of City of Time Art in Jinan. In 2018, he participated in the China-Australia Emerging Youth International Art Exhibition at the Protea Art Centre in Melbourne, Australia.In 2017, he participated in the "Crossover" - Contemporary Oil Painting & Chinese Painting Exhibition at the Steven Gallery in California, USA.


Reading by the window

Oil on canvas

150x100cm 2015

《山窗读书》布面油画 150cmx100cm   2015_edited.jpg
《溪山红树》布面油画150cmx100cm   2015,.jpg

Trees and mountains

Oil on canvas

150x100cm 2015

IMG_9239 copy.jpeg

Chun Zhao

Chun Zhao is a well-known Chinese oil painting artist in the United States and a representative of Chinese image oil painting. She is also a national first-class artist of fine arts with a master's degree, a board member of the Chinese Women Artists Association, the Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Overseas Chinese Artists Association and the Chairman of the Los Angeles branch, as well as a member of the Chinese artists Association. In recent years, she has held many solo exhibitions in China and around the world. Additionally, her artworks have won various art awards at both national and international levels, and many national personal honors.She is an outstanding contemporary oil painting artist and art educator with originality and tremendous achievements. She has made unique contributions to the innovation of Chinese oil painting and international cultural exchanges and cooperation. 

赵纯 亚麻布油彩《秋塘·荷韵》120cmX35cmX3,创作于2020年_edited.jpg

Autumn · lotus blossoming  

Oil on linen canvas

120x35cmx3   2020

赵纯  亚麻布油彩《秋塘·雨声》》 243cmX85cmX3,创作于2019年.jpg

Autumn · rain dripping  

Oil on linen canvas

243x85cmx3    2019


Hongbo Zhao

Hongbo Zhao is the founder of Cairun (Colourful) Chinese Painting. Over the years, he has been exploring the integration of Chinese painting and Western painting, and proposed the idea of ​​internationalization of Chinese painting. Using western pigments on canvas or drawing board to paint and using various techniques to make the artwork present the charm of Chinese painting is his preliminary pursuit. A vivid artistic conception will be achieved when appreciating from a distance and a rich texture will be presented when looking closely. The advantages of Chinese painting and Western painting are combined to present painting artworks that are beautiful, colorful, diverse, unique with a distinct personality and novelty which comes up with unrepeatable visual effects. Hongbo Zhao is currently a member of the International Association of Calligraphy and Painting Artists. He is also a member, visiting professor, and Honorary Vice President of the American Research Institute of Painting and Calligraphy, and Vice President of the US-China Artists Association. Now he is a full-time painting artist and claims to be a ‘Xinhua’ artist (artists who promote a combination of Chinese and Western painting).


Cairun landscape painting

Emerald-green nature

Cairun landscape painting

赵洪波 .jpeg