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Art has never been absent from any significant moments.

This online exhibition aims to encourage artists of different ages and from a variety of cultural backgrounds to create profound works of art to inspire the wider public to overcome current difficulties and fulfill their lives. These artists share a common concept of making the world better through art. Let's galvanise a collective will to make a change for a better future.

Artworks for the online exhibition are updated continuously. 

5 sep 2021 - 4 sep 2022


The Arts Centre of Christchurch

A centre for the arts in  Ōtautahi Christchurch 


Artists and their artworks


Weiguo Jiang

Weiguo Jiang, born in Beijing, China, came to New Zealand in May 1987.

He is a member of the New Zealand Photography Association.


Shadow Play

镜中的我 Me in the mirror.jpg

Me in the mirror

Be given a yellow card warning action.jpg

Be given a yellow card warning action


Yan Yuan

Yuan Yan was born in Beijing China in 1957, came to New Zealand in May 1987.  When I was young, my father taught me to take and develop photos with a film camera.  After arriving in New Zealand, I still have an interest in photography.  In 2016, I went to night school to learn photography.  I joined the Christchurch Photography Society before the end of 2016.  Also joined the Pixels photography club in 2017.  In 2017 I became a member of New Zealand Photography Association. I also attended the New Zealand Chinese Photography Association in Auckland.  In the past few years, I have won gold, silver, bronze medals and many other awards in international competitions and various competitions in New Zealand.  Thirteen works have been selected for the Auckland Photo Festival.

Milky Way at Castle Hill 城堡山上的银河.jpg

Milky Way at Castle Hill



Happy Fun Run

Happy Fun Run 快乐有趣的奔跑.jpg

Ping Lu

Lu Ping was born in Qingdao, China in 1953. Came to New Zealand in September 2005. Joined the Pixels Photography Club in 2019. She has become a Member of the Christchurch Photography Association since 2020. Some works have won awards in 2021.

Take Off 起飞.jpg

Take Off 

Children Playing 孩子们在玩耍.jpg

Children Playing

Lady Surfing 女士冲浪.jpg

Lady Surfing


Hong Chen

Chen Hong, female, born in 1968, successively studied in the Chinese Department of Liaoning University; Department of Fashion Design, School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University; Graduate School of International Hotel Management (DCT, Switzerland). She has a special liking for Chinese landscape painting, and is good at landscape, ice and snow painting. Many works have been collected by people at home and abroad. He is currently the Deputy Secretary General of the Asian Urban Art Development Alliance; the Deputy Director of Arts Committee of New Zealand Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Circles Incorporated. 


 a Propitious Omen

Autumn Charm


Spring Charm

湯瑛玲 Yin Ling Tang 2.jpg

Yingling Tang

Yingling Tang, style name is Ziying, whose ancestral home is Changtai, Fujian, was born in Indonesia. She moved to Taiwan with her parents in childhood. She graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of National Taiwan Normal University and graduated from the in-service refresher class of the Institute of Fine Arts. She is a member of the Feitaufei Honorary Society and has been engaged in art education for more than 20 years. She has published a collection of paintings and an album of exhibition works published by the Jianxing Art Gallery of Jianxing University of Science and Technology. Her works are included in the collection of time classics of Yanhuangjiuzhou Culture and Art Exchange Center.
She is currently in New Zealand and lives in seclusion in the South Taicaotang of the camel small pastoral area. Cultivating and painting, experiencing and feeling, wandering in ink and paint, uses brushes, applies color, composition and layout, and does not stick to media tools, regardless of painting school theory. The form is still based on tradition, and the spirit is written in form, which can be combined with imagination, point description, overlap, division and combination, so as to comprehensively apply what we have learned and enrich the content of creation with multiple themes.
More than ten solo exhibitions have been held in: Taiwan Art Education Museum, Taipei National Father Memorial Hall, Chung Cheng Memorial Hall, Central Research Institute, head office of Taiwan Land Bank, Jianxing University of Science and Technology, Huagang Museum, and Nathan Homestead in New Zealand, Manurewa Community Art Center in New Zealand, Foguangyuan Art Museum in New Zealand, etc.

6 印象新西蘭  油彩 畫布  132x66cm.jpg

Impression of New Zealand

oil on canvas


4 羊駝家族  油彩 畫布  112x194cm.jpg

Alpaca Family      oil on canvas   112x194cm