To Make the World Better Online Exhibition - Vol. 3 is on

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Clearing up after snowing, by Yun Yang

To Make the World Better New Zealand International Art Exhibition - Vol. 3 is on now (Click here: Due to the impact of the worldwide pandemic, this international art exhibition is online. Since calling for submission, the organizing committee has received many excellent works from artists from New Zealand and all over the world. Their profound thoughts and exquisite skills present a series of moving works, and we make a collective will to make the world better. The third volume of this exhibition is jointly presented by ten artists including Renyu Chen from New Zealand and Yun Yang from China. We will regularly present more artists and their amazing artworks. Outstanding works will be invited to participate in the upcoming international art exhibition at the Arts Center of Christchurch in New Zealand. Please read the submission page for more details (Click here:

A picture of Qu Zi's Ci Fu, by Renyu Chen