Kids of the world paint thoughts on protecting water in Christchurch Earth Day exhibition

On 22 April 2021, the opening ceremony of VALUE EVERY DROP OF WATER -the 51st Anniversary of Earth Day - an exhibition of international was held at the Arts Centre, Christchurch New Zealand.

The 51st Anniversary of Earth Day

- an Exhibition of international youth art

A new collection of paintings from children around the globe aims to show the community how droughts, water shortages and climate change look – through the eyes of our youngest.

The special exhibition, to mark the 51st World Earth Day, opened on Thursday evening at the Christchurch Arts Centre.

It is made up of more than 70 paintings by children aged between five and 16 from around the world, united by the theme “value every drop of water”. The committee received more than 2,000 works by young people aged 4-16 from all over the world.

The President Roy Yi Lu, from the Everyone An Artist Trust, said their goal was to encourage children to share their thoughts on how people could protect water resources and the environment around them.

The work "One drop falling on single plant" by Neo from Australia, "The Last Drop of Water Is Your Tears" by Jiali Xie from Chongqing, China, and "Value Every Drop of Water Water" by Lhakpa Yangzon Sherpa from Nepal were some visitors' favourite.

The Opening Ceremony

The exhibition is organized by EVERYONE AN ​​ARTIST Trust and fully supported by the Ministry of Social Development and the Office of Ethnic Communities of the Department of Internal Affairs of New Zealand. This event has received extensive attention from all walks of life.

At 5:00 pm on the Earth Day, the opening ceremony of the exhibition began. The opening ceremony began with a musical performance with the theme of protecting the earth. The song "Rise Up" composed for environmental protection by Lucy Gray, the leader of School Strike for Climate, and "A Love Song to the Earth" performed by the chorus made the audience tearful with excitement.

Lucy Gray from School Strike for Climate

The opening ceremony of the event was hosted by the co-curator Jenny Hjertquist, and Jenny extended a warm welcome to the guests. Mr. Roy Yi Lu, President of EVERYONE AN ​​ARTIST Trust and the curator of this exhibition, Deborah Lam, Senior Advisor of the Ethnic Community Office of the Department of Internal Affairs of New Zealand, and Kat Miller from Christchurch Envirohub made enthusiastic speeches at the opening.

Co-curator: Jenny Hjertquist

Curator, President of Everyone an Artist Trust: Roy Y Lu

Senior Advisor of the Office of Ethnic Communities: Deborah Lam

Christchurch Envirohub: Kat Miller

The organizing committee of the event received paintings by young people from more than ten countries including Singapore, China, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

This event successfully conveyed the importance of environmental protection to young people in New Zealand and all over the world. It is hoped that through this activity, the concept of environmental protection and global resource sustainability can be deeply rooted in everyone's hearts. Therefore, kids can plant a seed of protecting the environment and the earth in their minds, and let this the seed root, sprout, blossom, and beautify every corner of the world.

Local media and audiences speak very highly of this event.

Lack of water resource and climate change are very serious issues, and it’s important to both raise young people’s awareness of them, but also to inspire them to make a difference.

Part of the goal was to show children everywhere that they do not need a lot of money or power to save the environment.

Kids can, and do, have the ability to influence others, to make better decisions for the planet going forward.

The event was sponsored by the Ministry of Social Development and the Office of Ethnic Communities.