Invest in Our Planet
The 52nd Anniversary of Earth Day

An Exhibition of international youth art

Earth Day, 22 April every year, is a special day for the protection of the earth. 2022 marks the 52nd Earth Day. Since its inception in 1970, more than one billion people have participated in a series of Earth Day-related campaigns and events every year. It is one of the largest environmental events in the world.

The Everyone an Artist Trust in New Zealand has launched and organized Earth Day environmental activities for many years to galvanize a collective will to make a change. In 2022, the Earth Day International Youth Art Exhibition will be held in New Zealand as always.

2022 New Zealand Earth Day International Youth Art Exhibition -Artwork Selection in Australia


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The creation of the exhibits focuses on Invest in Our Planet and involves the concepts of water resources protection, marine resource protection, environmental protection, responding to climate change, sustainable development, and environment-friendly materials.

There is no limit to the form of works, which can be children's paintings, Chinese paintings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings, prints, comics, design works, etc.



Registration and eligibility confirmation in Australia will be performed by JUST ART STUDIO, an art organization authorized by the organizing committee in Australia.

Conditions and requirements:

1). The age of the participants is between 4 and 18.

2). Participants have no criminal record and no bad behavior records such as plagiarism in previous art activities.

3). Deadline for registration: 20 April 2022.

4). Fees: Each participant is limited to two pieces of artwork, and there is no registration fee. The total fee for the selection of artwork, international shipping, and management of artwork is $45 per piece.

5). Registration: Participants register online (click here: ) and submit the original artwork to JUST ART STUDIO, the organization authorized by the organizing committee.

6). Please consult the Organizing Committee Office if you have further questions.

MAIL: lily.l@euac.co.nz

ADD: 1 Hereford Street, the Arts Centre of Christchurch, New Zealand 8013


What will happen

1). The artwork submitted will be exhibited in JUST ART STUDIO and the outstanding works will be selected by the organizing committee and awarded the finalist or award certificate.

2). All outstanding works will be exhibited in Earth Day International Youth Art Exhibition (New Zealand).


1). Participants need to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the registration information.

2). Authorized organizations must abide by the laws and regulations of the country where they are located. 

3). The copyright of the artwork belongs to the original author. Submissions can be used for publication, printing and online display, marketing, brochures, postcards, etc. according to the requirements of the organizing committee. 

4). The organizing committee of this event reserves the right to make the final decision on whether the works are eligible for the exhibition.

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