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Eager Art School is located in Christchurch Arts Center, New Zealand. With the purpose of serving New Zealand aesthetic education, relying on Everyone An Artist Trust, and combining eastern and western education concept, the school aims to create a professional and comprehensive art education model integrating aesthetic education research, art teaching, international exhibition and exchange, and promote the art education in New Zealand.

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Curriculum Structure

Based on the concept of "Look at the present from the perspective of the future", Eagle Art School cultivates talents for the future, takes art as a carrier, conveys aesthetic ideas to children, cultivates children's ability to observe, associate, think and create, and builds confident through art. We take children's psychology as the basis of curriculum research and development, combine New Zealand education concepts, inherit China's excellent aesthetic education teaching experience, take its essence, use a variety of painting languages and materials, and formulate courses suitable for the development of each age group.


Core Curriculum


​Art enlightenment

Under the age of 6 is the stage of art enlightenment. We are committed to encouraging and stimulating children's interest and creativity in art by means of games. Based on this goal, we will try as many materials and methods as possible to let children experience the fun of artistic creation.


Art Basics

From the age of 6 to 10, the understanding and basic training of artistic language. At this stage, we will gradually lead children to understand the important elements of art composition in artistic creation, form concepts and carry out simple practical application, establish certain basic abilities, and find and understand their own interests.


Art Advance

The advanced stage of art is over the age of 10. Children above this age begin to have a deeper understanding of things, can carry out deeper art learning, and focus on exploring and cultivating their own interests for more professional learning. Eager Art School teaches each child according to his or her aptitude. The above stages are not necessarily strictly divided by age, but adjusted according to the actual situation of each child and the opinions of teachers.