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Eager Art School is located in Christchurch Arts Center, New Zealand. With the purpose of serving New Zealand aesthetic education, relying on Everyone An Artist Trust, and combining eastern and western education concept, the school aims to create a professional and comprehensive art education model integrating aesthetic education research, art teaching, international exhibition and exchange, and promote the art education in New Zealand.

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Events & Exhibitions

Earth Day Exhibition

of International Youth Art

Earth Day - 22 April every year - is a festival specially set up for world environmental protection. It aims to raise people's awareness of existing environmental problems, mobilise people to participate in environmental protection campaigns, and improve the overall environment of the earth through green and low-carbon life. Earth Day celebrations have expanded to 192 countries around the world.
The New Zealand Everyone An Artist Trust launches and organises the world earth day commemorative exhibition every year. Since the event was held, each exhibition has received art works from more than 10 countries, including Singapore, China, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and has become an important art exchange platform for New Zealand art creators.

Invest in our planet and protect our environment

to make our world better

About the event

New Zealand Earth Day Exhibition of

International Youth Art